PLEASE help me with 7th Chords! How you can understand 7th Chords in Context. Using the Major and Harmonic Minor Scale, Dr. Roger Hale explains where you find seventh chords in context. If you understand where to find them in the diatonic scale this will open a world of understanding for you including improving your sight singing. Sing 7th Chords on Solfege can really help too!!

**Major Scale**

I7 Chord (Major7) 01:22

ii7 Chord (minor7) 01:38

iii7 Chord (minor7) 02:35

IV7 Chord (Major7) 03:01

V7 Chord (Dominant or Major/minor7) 03:33

vi7 Chord (minor7) 03:58

vii7 Chord (half-diminished7) 04:14

Review of Major Scale 04:49

Breif explanation of Dominant V7 Chord 05:23

**Harmonic Minor Scale** 06:14

iv7 (minor/Major7) 06:35

vii7 (half-diminished7) 06:51

i7 (Aug/Major7) 06:59

ii7 (minor7) 07:19

III7 (Dominant7) 07:29

IV7 (Major7) 07:47

V7 (fully diminished7) 07:57

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